Dehydrated Tamarind Powder / Imli (Tamarindus indica) Fresh n Pure


Ingredient: Dehydrated Tamarind Powder (Tamarindus indica)

Quality: We offer 100% Natural and premium quality dehydrated tamarind powder, ready to use and perfect for those who are into cooking Indian food. No Preservatives, color or flavor added. Worth trying !


Dehydrated Tamarind Pods are a convenient way to add tangy flavor to your cooking. This product is perfect for those who love to cook Indian food and want the authentic taste. You can use this product in cooking as a souring agent, or as a paste or sauce base for different dishes. Get a taste of authentic Indian cuisine with these tamarind pods, with Tamarind Powder from FounditGood! 

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Make your dishes sizzle with our premium quality dehydrated tamarind powder! We’ve done all the hard work of extracting the goodness from the tamarind pods, so that you can indulge in delicious and nutritious food. Tamarind is an important ingredient in Indian cuisine and for anyone interested in cooking Indian food. It imparts a sour flavor, which balances out the spicy dishes. Tamarind powder is great for cooking as a souring agent, with light tangy flavor and rich color.

The powders are made of dehydrated tamarind fruit, and can be used as a substitute for fresh tamarind. They can be added directly to sauces, curries, soups, or savory dishes. Dehydrated Tamarind Powder is a perfect  ingredient for authentic Indian recipes, or for making meat dishes and chutneys. With its rich, tart flavor, Tamarind Powder will make your dishes taste authentic from any region in India.

Tamarind  is a rich source of essential amino acidsphytochemicals and vitamins. In traditional medicine, it has so many well known health benefits. According to World Health Organization report, tamarind fruit is an ideal source of all essential amino acids

Tamarindus indica L., commonly known as Tamarind tree is one of the most important multipurpose tropical fruit tree species in the Indian subcontinent. Tamarind fruit was at first thought to be produced by an Indian palm, as the name Tamarind comes from a Persian word “Tamar-I-hind,” meaning date of India. Its name “Amlika” in Sanskrit indicates its ancient presence in the country.  It is used traditionally in abdominal pain, diarrhea and dysentery, helminthes infections, wound healing, malaria and fever, constipation, inflammation, cell cytotoxicity, gonorrhea, and eye diseases. It has numerous chemical values and is rich in phytochemicals, and hence the plant is reported to possess antidiabetic activity, antimicrobial activity, antivenomic activity, antioxidant activity, antimalarial activity, hepatoprotective activity, antiasthmatic activity, laxative activity, and anti-hyperlipidemic activity. Every part of the plant from root to leaf tips is useful for human needs.



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