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Unlock the ancient healing secrets of the Siddha & Ayurveda  systems of medicine with Sirunerunjil Powder, also known as Gokshur or Gokharu, derived from the remarkable Tribulus terrestris plant. Packed with numerous medicinal properties, this natural wonder has been trusted for centuries to combat a wide range of ailments, making it a prized ingredient in traditional medicine. This extraordinary herb is widely revered in Siddha medicine, known as Nerunjil, yanai vanangi, thirikandam, and siru nerunjil. Its remarkable medicinal properties have been recognized for effectively treating urinary tract infections, urolithiasis, dysmenorrhea, and edema.

Quality: The key to Sirunerunjil’s potency lies in its meticulously selected Tribulus terrestris plant, cultivated and processed with utmost care. When you choose Sirunerunjil, you choose nature’s healing touch in its purest form. Our product is expertly processed to retain the plant’s bioactive compounds, ensuring maximum efficacy and unparalleled results. Each batch is carefully tested to guarantee purity, quality, and consistency, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

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Dosage and usage of Sirunerunjil (Tribulus terrestris) may vary depending on various factors such as age, overall health, and specific health concerns. It is always recommended to consult with a qualified healthcare professional or an Ayurvedic practitioner for personalized dosage instructions. However, here are some general guidelines:

Suggested Use: For Sirunerunjil in powdered form, a typical recommended dosage is 1-3 grams per day. The powder can be mixed with warm water, milk, or honey for easier consumption.

Packing: (Net weight) 100 g 

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Step into the world of traditional medicine and discover the remarkable healing properties of Sirunerunjil Powder (Tribulus terrestris), commonly known as Gokshur or Gokharu or puncture vine. For centuries, this extraordinary herb has been revered in both the Indian and Chinese systems of medicine for its exceptional ability to treat a wide range of ailments. Now, you can harness the therapeutic potential of this time-tested herb.

Sirunerunjil (Tribulus terrestris) has gained a reputation for effectively combating urinary tract infections, helping to alleviate the discomfort and pain associated with this condition. Its remarkable properties extend to the treatment of urolithiasis, providing relief to those burdened by kidney stones. Furthermore, it has been trusted for centuries in the management of dysmenorrhea, offering a natural approach to easing menstrual cramps and promoting overall menstrual health.

But it doesn’t stop there—Sirunerunjil is also known for its ability to combat edema, helping to reduce swelling and promote healthy fluid balance within the body. Its holistic approach to wellness targets the root causes of these conditions, providing you with long-lasting relief and improved quality of life.

According to the ancient wisdom of Siddha / Ayurveda, Sirunerunjil embodies the following benefits, carefully harnessed to support your holistic well-being:

  • Promotes Urinary Tract Health: Sirunerunjil is renowned for its ability to support urinary tract health. It helps in maintaining a healthy urinary system by flushing out toxins and impurities, thus reducing the risk of infections.
  • Supports Kidney Function: By promoting optimal kidney function, Sirunerunjil aids in the efficient filtration of waste products and toxins from the body. This support contributes to overall kidney health and proper functioning.
  • Natural Diuretic: Sirunerunjil acts as a natural diuretic, stimulating urine production and facilitating the elimination of excess water and toxins from the body. This diuretic effect can be beneficial for reducing bloating and supporting detoxification processes.
  • Supports Reproductive Health: Tribulus terrestris in Sirunerunjil is known to support reproductive health in both men and women. It may assist in maintaining hormonal balance, promoting healthy ovulation, and supporting sperm quality and motility.
  • Boosts Energy and Vitality: Sirunerunjil is believed to enhance overall energy levels and vitality. Regular consumption of this herb may help combat fatigue, improve stamina, and increase overall physical and mental vigor.
  • Supports Muscle Development: For those involved in fitness and bodybuilding, Sirunerunjil can be a valuable supplement. It is believed to support muscle growth, enhance strength, and aid in muscle recovery post-workout.
  • Antioxidant Properties: Sirunerunjil possesses potent antioxidant properties, helping to neutralize harmful free radicals in the body. This antioxidant activity contributes to overall cellular health and helps in maintaining a healthy aging process.
  • Supports Heart Health: The beneficial properties of Sirunerunjil may extend to cardiovascular health. It is believed to support healthy blood pressure levels, promote proper circulation, and contribute to heart health.
  • Overall Well-being: With its multitude of benefits, Sirunerunjil contributes to overall well-being. It supports various bodily systems, aids in maintaining hormonal balance, and promotes overall vitality, allowing you to live a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Embrace the wisdom of ancient healing and experience the transformative power of Sirunerunjil Powder (Tribulus terrestris). Unlock the secrets of nature’s bounty and embark on a journey toward enhanced well-being. Try Sirunerunjil today and rediscover the natural harmony your body deserves. Experience the harmonious blend of tradition and science with Sirunerunjil, a remarkable herb deeply rooted in Siddha & Ayurveda.

Disclaimer: The benefits mentioned are based on traditional uses and anecdotal evidence. It is important to consult a healthcare professional before starting any new dietary supplement or treatment regimen. The information provided is for educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Individual results may vary.




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