Dehydrated Garlic Powder (Allium sativum) – 200 G


Ingredient: Dehydrated Garlic Powder -100 % Natural 

The ground form of our dehydrated garlic powder has several advantages over fresh garlic. Across countries, this powder’s versatility and delicious flavor have made it a favorite product. NO preservatives, alternates or artificial colors added. 

We offer a dehydrated garlic powder that has an elegant strength and the natural spicy flavor. It can be added to all kinds of savory dishes to enhance them. Additionally, it offers some of the most health-beneficial qualities. This spice can provide you with a boost to your overall health and well-being when used regularly.

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Happy to bring you yet another healthy product from founditGood – Dehydrated Garlic Powder

Check out some of the benefits of Dehydrated Garlic Powder:

  • Dehydrated garlic powder allows it to have an extended shelf life. This can be substituted for fresh garlic in recipes.
  • Dehydrated garlic powder may reduce total and LDL cholesterol by about 10-15% in patients with high cholesterol. 
  • Garlic is Found to be effective in Managing blood pressure, Decreases triglycerides, Helps maintain healthy circulation. Helps prevents atherosclerosis (plaque buildup in the arteries causing blockage and
    possibly leading to heart attack or stroke)

Culinary uses:

  • A common flavoring and seasoning agent for vegetables and meats, garlic is a widely used spice
  • Dehydrated garlic powder is less likely to burn when cooking than fresh garlic because it is dehydrated. So you can sauté it directly in oil or butter until it turns brownish.
  • Using dehydrated garlic powder is convenient because it doesn’t need to be peeled and chopped; thus, it saves your time. 
  • It’s easy to absorb the garlic powder, and the beautiful aroma gives the dish an authentic Chinese touch and a different twist on regular noodles, pasta, and sauces.
  • Modern cooks have the option of ready-to-use spices, such as chicken curry spice mix and fish curry spice mix, which can be included with our garlic powder. 
  • Garlic powder can flavor regional foods best when combined with other spices like cilantro, fennel, and onion powder.

Check out this yummy evening snack you can make with our Dehydrated Garlic Powder.

  • Slice the bread into 1-inch thick pieces. 
  • Combine butter and our dehydrated garlic powder in a small bowl. 
  • Add a teaspoon of the garlic butter mixture between each slice or every other slice if you want only one side of the bread with the mixture and sprinkle with parsley. 
  • Place cut side up on an ungreased baking sheet.
  • For 8 minutes, bake at 350°. 
  • To serve, remove the loaf from the foil and wrap it in a clean tea towel. 
  • Slice and serve.

We are sure you will enjoy our vibrant flavor of garlic powder in every single bite of this garlic bread.



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